• Finding a problem with your computer/tablet
  • 20–30 € (depends on the time taken to find out)
  • Clarifying a computer/tablet problem, €30–€50 (depends on the amount of work), fixing the problem €15 the first hour, after which €10 an hour.
  • I do both of these either at the office or at the customer’s place (according to the request of customer).
  • Basic construction of the webpages €40 (includes acquisition of homepage space, as well as the internet address desired by the customer (for example, if the address is available. Addresses are managed by Traficom, but it can be obtained through an intermediary, i.e. a company that offers homepage space. JHPC- The price of the service used by the installation for an internet address is €9/year, and website space €9.18/month. I cannot advertise the service I use, but there are significant differences in the prices in the marketspace.
  • If the customer so wishes, guidance on website maintenance €20/hour. Also includes guidance over the phone. Advice over the phone is generally free of charge (with the exception of e.g. data breach investigation)
  • Company-related website updating works €20/hour
  • Unfortunately, working with Apple computers (e.g. MacBook Air) is not my forte, so my work with them is slower than with PC/Android tablets.


VAT 24% has not been added to the services and their prices above

Unfortunately, it is not possible to price all services in advance, because the ‘help’ the customer needs does not necessarily fit into any of the service categories above. In this case, we negotiate with the customer and together we search for a solution to the customer’s needs.



If the computer/tablet problem is fixed at the customer’s place, the estimate for replacing the problem will be told to the customer. Likewise, if the problem is solved at the company’s office, the quality of the problem and the measures it requires for the customer will be clarified.

Especially here, my bottomline ”From person to person” plays an important role.



Reimbursement of expenses

Driving distance less than 10 km to the customer 0€. Beyond that distance is  €0.43/km (round trip, e.g. the company’s location to Nokia city center, one way 13 km, total charge 26 km)


Since I am a Kevyt entrepreneur, invoicing works through the service.

Through the service, I also have insurance, with every customer visit.

Feel free to contact us if you have problems with your computer/tablet!


ATTENTION SMEs/small associations

I also have special knowledge related to information security (Virus protection, backup, firewall)

If the customer does not have a backup software, they can use the program that I have made myself (JH_BU) the program itself is free of charge, installation guidance €30


If you want to sell your computer/tablet, for example, a complete cleaning of the computer’s hard drive €35/per unit (if there are e.g. customer registers or other confidential information on the drive, the cleaning is done so thoroughly that it cannot be recoreved from there.)